Monday, December 3, 2012

TAKE ACTION NOW!!!! Fight the take over of Public Education!

Dear Fellow WLEA Members,

We all need to stop the advancement of the legislation currently being considered by Governor Snyder and the Republican led legislature.

It has to do with the EAA - Educational Achievement Authority - a school "district" set up by the Governor for failing schools. But now the idea is being expanded and it is amounting to a give away of public funds to private entities. There are bills that accompany the EAA that allow schools to be set up by private companies or anyone for that matter, who want to do that. The very worst part is that this new EAA school district does not have to meet any of the criterion public schools are required to meet - including TESTING! It will not be overseen by a public elected board, nor will it be under the control of the State Superintendent of Education. It will be overseen by the Governor and his appointee.

The legislation for these proposals was written by a man who calls himself the "Oxford Foundation", but he was one of the founders of the Mackinaw Center. Make no mistake....these bills are here to destroy public education.

Ask yourself, what is that going to mean for your future employment? What is that going to mean for the state retirement system?

Please go to the link below and sign the online petition NOW!!!! Do not wait!