Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Right to Work - Why you should TAKE ACTION

RIGHT TO WORK Legislation could happen tomorrow or next week!  Please educate yourselves and inform your legislators about your wishes!!!!

So, why is this RIGHT TO WORK issue such a big deal?  The proponents will tell you, it gives people “choice”….isn’t “choice” good?

However, please consider the following information from the website.  These statistics were also shared at the press conference Lansing Democrats held today (Wednesday) at the state capital:

Facts regarding “Right to Work” states –

  • 1.        The average worker in a RTW state makes about $5,333 a year less than those in free bargaining states.
  • 2.       21% more people lack health insurance in RTW states compared to free bargaining states
  • 3.       RTW states have a poverty rate of 12.5% compared to 10.2% in free bargaining states.
  • 4.       The rate of workplace deaths is 51% higher in RTW states where unions can’t speak up on behalf of workers.

These statistics certainly don’t support the Republican claims that RTW laws will improve the Michigan economy.  Perhaps taken solely from a corporation or CEO’s point of view, they do.  However, the majority of Michigan residents do not fall into the CEO category.

Please click on the link below (or copy and paste into your browser) and it will easily direct you to your local representative.  Write your SENATOR and your HOUSE Representative.

The message is simple, cut and paste if you wish:  “Do not pass Right to Work legislation.”