Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Help Save Public EDUCATION!!!

WLEA members -

Please use the url and information below to contact the Governor and your legislators!
It is a connection to an easy-to-use site that provides both a way to email your own legislators, as well as suggested messages or "talking-points" for those of you who may want help crafting a messsage!

This is very important for our schools and the future of public education!

As you know the Governor and some legislators are attempting to rush through a sweeping education bill that will create a statewide super school district that has the potential to operate schools in every Michigan school district.

This super school district known as the EAA, implements experimental instructional techniques that have not been proven by research to produce academic achievement. 
It is critical that our legislators get the message that rushing this plan through without fully understanding the potential risks for Michigan’s students, school districts and communities is irresponsible. Tell them your community deserves better than rushing this plan through the lame duck session. 
Please email your legislators immediately and tell them to oppose House Bill 6004 and Senate Bill 1358.