Monday, December 10, 2012

More Information for Tuesday

More Information about Lansing/Capitol Building “Visits” -

TUESDAY, December 11th
Rallies will be going on in Lansing at the Capitol Building ALL DAY on TUESDAY! 
People will be gathering beginning at 8 am.  BUT YOU CAN JOIN AT ANY TIME DURING THE DAY. 

***JOIN together after work with friends and drive to Lansing.   
*****Take the Cedar Street Exit off I496 and travel to Michigan Avenue and turn left.  You’ll see the Capitol Building!   There are many public parking lots surrounding the capitol building.
Dress to be outdoors; I think they may lock up the Capitol! 

***As an alternative to avoid parking hassles in Lansing:  PARK  behind the MEA Headquarters in East Lansing and ride the shuttle bus to downtown Lansing
-              1216 Kendale Blvd., East Lansing, MI  48826
******Standing there is important and helping to form a huge group. 
******The more there are, the bigger the impact!

4)   Continue to CALL Governor Snyder – 517-373-3400
(an easy to use fill-in form!)

*******Tell him to quit putting the interests of business over those of the middle class.