Tuesday, May 25, 2010


5 percent pay cut proposal headed to full Senate

The Senate Reforms and Restructuring Committee today passed Senate Joint Resolution U, a proposed constitutional amendment to cut the pay of all public employees in the state by 5 percent. The proposal would also mandate a three-year wage freeze.
THIS WOULD BE A CUT ON TOP of the 3% TAX voted into law last week. This could mean a TOTAL OF 8% CUT in WAGES!!! FOR 3 years!!!

This is the path a constitutional amendment would follow to become law:
If Senate Joint Resolution U receives a two-thirds majority in the Senate and House as required, it will go on the August primary ballot for voters to decide. If approved by voters, it would be implemented Oct. 1.

This is paradoxal as just yesterday it was announced that state sales taxes are rising and would cause the State School Aid Fund to have over $200 million more than anticipated. At the same time, Senator Bishop (the Senate Majority Leader) was talking of giving that very same money to municipalities. Other Senate leaders were talking of taking the new funds from the State School Aid Fund and moving it to the General Fund to cover shortages there. I believe this 5% wage cut proposal is PART of that plan. What better way to save school districts money, while raiding SCHOOL FUNDS. Again, taxing the school employees.

As I have thought about this more this evening, the fact that a group of legislators can propose legislating away the rights of employees to negotiate and contract with their employers smacks at the most sacredly held components of a democracy. If a government can obliterate thousands of public employee contracts today, is it not obliterating the very foundation of the constitution of our country?

Senate leaders may try to pass the measure soon, so your URGENT help is needed to defeat this proposal. Please contact your state senator TODAY and tell them to vote NO. Please do this from your home emails or phones!

Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop
Phone: 517-373-2417
Fax: 517-373-2694
E-mail: senmbishop@senate.michigan.gov

State Senator Nancy Cassis
Phone: 517-373-1758
Fax: 517-373-0938

State Senator Gilda Jacobs
Phone: 517-373-7888
Fax: 517-373- 2983