Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MEA Voice Online

MEA Voice Online -- May 18, 2010
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FAQs about new retirement law
Are you eligible for the recently passed retirement incentive? When will the 3 percent "school employee tax" start to hit your paycheck? What does this mean for new employees starting this fall? Get the answers to some frequently asked questions about the retirement legislation passed last week by the Legislature and Gov. Jennifer Granholm.

Enough is Enough!
Attend a local rally next Monday to protest attacks, demand funding
If you hadn't had enough of the attacks on school employees before last week's retirement vote, you probably have now! Make your voice heard -- attend one of more than 40 local rallies taking place across the state on the evening of Monday, May 24. To stop lawmakers from continuing to balance the budget on your back, we must demand adequate, equitable, stable funding for public education.
In this election year, it's critical that we show our strength in numbers to politicians who will soon hit the campaign trail claiming to be pro-education -- it's time to make them keep their promises. Be part of the thousands of MEA members who will mobilize on Monday to attend local rallies. And mark your calendar now to attend a massive statewide rally at the Capitol on June 24 -- more details will be coming soon.