Monday, May 10, 2010

A Non-Report on Retirement

Sad to say, the legislature nor the conference committee met on Friday. Nor from any reports, have they reconvened today. Hopefully tomorrow.

I have read over the weekend at least two different columnists who are blaming the lack of action on the Democrats. They are being accused of doing the will of the MEA. One of the items that the Republicans seem to find most offensive is that the Democrats want money put into a trust that will be used to guarantee future health care for retirees. The Democratic plan also includes a requirement that private companies who employee workers in the public schools (i.e., bus drivers, custodians), must pay into the MPSERS fund for their employees. Quite frankly, a huge monetary gap is being created in the retirement fund because the amount of money being paid into the fund becomes smaller with every group that is privatized.

The Republicans are talking about a 1.6 multiplier and a 1.55 multiplier for additional employees with the "80 and out" provision previously proposed by the House Democrats. So, perhaps they are coming closer. Perhaps tomorrow we will find out.

Regardless, a "full time" legislature that meets 3 days a week and earns full health benefits after 6 years of service, AND then lobs criticism at teachers for wanting a guarantee of health care in their retirement, seems to be a group that is fraught with hypocrisy and untruths. But do they care???