Wednesday, May 5, 2010

SB1227 News from Tuesday ON Wednesday

I have been waiting today to see if I would receive any updates on the talks between the House and the Senate regarding SB1227. I have heard nothing at this point.

Yesterday the MEA Lobbyist reported that the Senate adjourned before noon because they didn't feel anything was going to happen........ The conference committee was to meet today at 9:30 AM. (Governor Granholm's "final" deadline was Tuesday, although she planned to have an active role in Wednesday's talks. I know...what is a deadline then?). The new deadline may be June 30th.

In Tuesday's talks, Senator Jud Gilbert (R) was proposing a 1.55 multiplier, while the House's offer was a 1.6 multiplier. The House also wants the employees' 3 percent contribution to go to a health care trust, which would guarantee coverage for retirees. Matt Marsden, Senator Bishop's spokesman, says that would create a $40 billion liability for the state. House Speaker Andy Dillon disputes those figures.

Senator Bishop is calling the House's retirement plan an "entitlement", not a reform and talks about it being like "blowing up a Christmas tree".