Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Retention in Third Grade & New School Rating System

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The HOUSE may vote on these issues THIS AFTERNOON (Wednesday)

The issues:

1) Retention of all children in third grade if they do not pass a reading test and score "proficient".

The bill addresses no way to address students who can not read "proficiently"; it only proposes to hold students back.  As educators I am sure you can think of a multitude of reasons this proposal is over simplified and could prove to be not only ineffective, but damaging.

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On third grade retention (HB 5111):

2)  The second issue is the school rating system used by the Department of Education.  This past year they used a new color system that many found confusing.   The Legislature proposes remedying this by passing a bill that changes the process to a simple grading system:  A through F.

The problem; their proposal is all too simplistic.   If a school gets an A, what does that mean.   If a school gets a C, what does that mean?  Everyone has a preconceived image of what a grade means, so on the surface this bill seems to make sense.   What this bill really needs is for personnel who are PRO-education to define the ratings.  This process NEEDS to STAY IN the Department of Education and should not be done by our legislators.   We know they have not been public school friendly.  What do you suppose their "bias" might make this bill a "tool" for?

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On the A-F rating system (HB 5112):