Tuesday, December 10, 2013

From Steve Norton @ "Michigan Parents for Schools"
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TAKE ACTION! Possible vote TODAY on the EAA bill - Call your SENATOR now!

The word is out that the Michigan Senate may be moving to vote on the bill expanding the Education Achievement Authority (EAA) as early as today! There are plans to expand the EAA very soon to a number of communities across Michigan.
The EAA is a dubious experiment, foisted on families and communities without their input or agreement. The bill, HB 4369, would make the EAA a permanent part of state government and give it very broad authority. It answers to no one but the Governor, and it has the power to take over schools that score poorly on whatever bubble-test measure the Legislature cooks up.
There ARE alternatives to the EAA which would really help struggling schools and students, and use methods that have already been proven and which respect the wishes of parents and school communities. Michigan Parents for Schools has been working with legislators on developing some of these alternatives.

CALL YOUR SENATOR TODAY and let them know you want real solutions, not half-baked experiments forced on parents by Lansing!