Thursday, December 5, 2013

MI Senate is looking to expand the EAA

What is the EAA?
It is the Educatiion Achievement Authority is a "state run school district" and its task is to improve struggling schools.   In its short existence, it has been operating 15 schools that were formerly part of the Detroit school district.   House Bill 4369 seeks to increase that number to 50 schools and make the EAA a part of state government and ultimately controlled by the governor of Michigan.

Why is that a problem?
First, documents that were obtained through FOIA requests show that the EAA has not accomplished much of what it was supposed to do.  Check out the website "Inside the EAA", set up by Democratic Rep. Ellen Cogan Lipton.  Click HERE
The FOIA documents show, among other things,
 that the EAA -
1) The EAA is closely aligned to the Broad Foundation founded by billionaire Eli Broad to further corporate school reform
2) The EAA lost almost 25% of their students from last year in the 15 Detroit schools
3) Financing problems - they had to borrow money from the State
4) They gave their own tests, so there are not state wide test scores that can be compared to show their effectiveness.

You should care because -
The EAA is something that you should be concerned about as teachers and parents.
1)Their operating standards include firing EVERYONE that works at the school they take over.
2)There is no way for a local community to give input.
3) HOW SOON do you think an EAA school will come to you?  How did your school do this past year on the state tests?

Connect with your state senator and give your opinion by clicking on the link below.  It is VERY easy to use by just entering your zip code.   This link is provided by "Michigan Parents for Schools".