Friday, December 6, 2013

Friday Update on Legislation Reported Earlier this week!

MIRS News Agency reported yesterday evening that the legislation on “Third Grade Retention” and the “Letter Rating System for Schools” did not come to a vote on the House floor as was initially indicated. 

MIRS News quoted the following legislators for the absence of the expected vote:

Rep. Colleen LaMonte (D – Montague) said that everyone was getting communications from superintendents and teachers.  “Our superintendents and our teachers are on the front lines of this.  They know what they’re dealing with.  And they know what they need.   And I think we need to be listening to them,” she said.

House Education Chairwoman Lisa Posthumus Lyons (R-Alto) says that members of the House were hearing a lot of opposition from back in their districts.  So, she is pursuing parent involvement (notice she didn’t say teachers).

Representative Tom McMillin (R-Rochester Hills) has said, in reference to the Letter Grading System, that he would like language that would allow districts themselves to come up with additional metrics to track their performance.  He also opposes the grading system because he feels it would put Common Core standards “on steroids”, and that it would encourage teaching to the test.  (Please remember that this man has been a pretty conservative member of the House and his opposition to the grading system is probably directly related to his opposition to the Common Core standards).

IT IS EXPECTED THAT THIS LEGISLATION WILL COME BEFORE THE HOUSE AND SENATE AGAIN NEXT WEEK!!!   So, please continue to contact your legislators using the links in the blog entries below. (Wednesday’s Blog Entry!)

On the EAA front:  Dr. Vickie Markavitch, the Superintendent of Oakland Intermediate Schools has published a video explaining the EAA and the reasons for opposition to the EAA.   It is a very interesting video.  Be sure to listen by clicking the link below:

You can take action against the EAA by clicking on Thursday’s Blog Entry!