Wednesday, March 30, 2011


The House Appropriations Subcommittee on School Aid is meeting today at 2 PM to listen to public input about proposed budget cuts for schools. They began yesterday and scheduled another meeting today.

School districts face a $470 per pupil cut on top of an increase in mandated retirement costs of $230 per pupil. Those numbers amount to the largest reduction in per pupil funding ever. This loss of revenue doesn’t include the ARRA fund and EduJob funds that were temporary stop gaps provided by the Federal government!

This "flys in the face" of the wishes of Michigan citizens: Voters approved the Michigan Lottery in 1972 and Proposal A in 1994 with the understanding that the funds generated by these measures would be dedicated to SUPPORTING EDUCATION. The voters wanted money put into a special fund where it was protected from raids such as Governor Snyder's. It was called the State School Aid Fund.

At the same time the governor is taking $900 million AWAY from the State School Aid Fund (meant for K-12 Education), he is proposing tax cuts for businesses that would cut $1.8 BILLION in tax revenue. Essentially he is giving School money to businesses!

Is that your wish? It was NOT the wish of the voters! However, his proposed CUTS TO EDUCATION WOULD NOT NEED TO TAKE PLACE if it weren't for his almost TWO BILLION DOLLAR TAX cut to Michigan businesses. Having high quality public schools is not a partisan issue. High quality public education is a necessity for every citizen, and should be the priority of all citizens.

MEA members are urged to immediately contact your state representatives and senators about the proposed budget.

A suggested letter:
Dear State Legislator,

In 1972 citizens of Michigan approved the Michigan Lottery, and in 994 they approved Proposal A to insure that funding for education was protected.

Now our schools stand to have anywhere from $700 and $1000 less in funding per student due to the actions of our Governor!
Raiding the school aid fund, while giving businesses almost $2 Billion dollars, totally disregards the wishes of the voters who determined funding for schools in the elections of 1972 and 1994.

You must honor the wishes of the public sector by not allowing the raid on the School State Aid Fund to the benefit of Michigan businesses!

Thank you!

Please be sure to use your HOME EMAILS and/or CELL or HOME PHONES!

State Senator Mike Kowall R-White Lake Twp.

State Representative D -Vicki Barnett
Phone: 517-373-1793 Fax: 517-373-8501

State Representative D -Lisa Brown
Phone: 517-373-1799Fax: 517-373-8361

State Representative R -Hugh Crawford
Phone: 517-373-0827Fax: 517-373-5873

State Representative R -Eileen Kowall
Phone: 517-373-2616 Fax: 517-373-5843