Monday, March 28, 2011

The Democrats today.......despite the 2 week vacation

As reported in this morning's Free Press and Detroit News -
State Sen. Gretchen Whitmer (D), the senate minority leader, reported today that the Democratic lawmakers will introduce a constitutional amendment to protect the money in the state School Aid Fund from being raided by Governor Snyder.

Governor Snyder has proposed a budget cut of $470 per student. YET, he is using almost $900 Million of the School Aid Fund to help fund community colleges and universities.

Sen. Whitmer held a press conference this morning and emphasized that voters approved the Michigan Lottery in 1972 and Proposal A in 1994 with the understanding that the funds generated by these measures would be dedicated to SUPPORTING EDUCATION. The voters wanted money put into a special fund where it was protected from raids such as Governor Snyder's.

At the same time the governor is taking $900 million AWAY from K-12 Education, he is proposing tax reforms for business that would cut $1.8 BILLION in tax revenue. He claims this is needed to improve the business climate in Michigan.

However, he is proposing CUTS TO EDUCATION that WOULD NOT NEED TO TAKE PLACE if it weren't for his almost TWO BILLION DOLLAR TAX cut to Michigan businesses.