Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rachel Maddow - MSNBC Show

Rachel Maddow's show is a MUST SEE! The url is below!

AFTER 22 days of protests, WISCONSIN UNIONS have accomplished getting Governor Walker to talk about compromise! The Democrats have not returned yet, but as Rachel says, "WISCONSIN HAS WON!" This is proof that the people can still have an influence on government!!!! It takes people using their voices!

RACHEL SAYS MICHIGAN'S CASE IS MOST "STARK AND AMAZING" - in this case, they are not meant in a positive manner!
Rachel makes a tremendous case for the fact that all of the bills being presented in all the state legislatures is NOT ABOUT THE BUDGET. They tell us it is about the budget, but it is about union busting. It is NOT about the BUDGET because the state is cutting money from K-12 funding, pensions, and low income families. HE IS GIVING AWAY THIS SAVINGS, $1.7 BILLION BY GIVING BUSINESSES A $1.8 BILLION TAX BREAK!

Click on Rachel's name to get to her telecast: Rachel Maddow

Here are the Senators to target!
Please use your cell or home phones and your home email accounts!
7 Patrick Colbeck R-Canton Twp. 517-373-7350

10 Tory Rocca R-Sterling Heights 517-373-7315

15 Mike Kowall R-White Lake Twp. 517-373-1758

22 Joe Hune R-Hamburg Twp. 517-373-2420

Tell the legislators: Cutting funding to Schools, and increasing taxes for Retirees and low income families at the same time approving $1.8 billion for corporate tax breaks is beyond what the people of Michigan can tolerate. That the Michigan legislature should not be inacting corporate policy in place of acting in the best interests of the people of Michigan.