Sunday, March 13, 2011

MEA RALLY on Wednesday, March 16th, 4 - 6 PM, Lansing Capital!!!

The Michigan Education Association, Michigan AFL-CIO affiliate unions, including AFT Michigan, and other community allies from Working Michigan, ask you to stand up for Michigan's working families and protest the relentless Republican-led attacks in the state legislature.

WEDNESDAY, March 16th, Lansing Capitol Building - MEA is from 4 to 6 PM
If you park in the area, and then walk over to the capitol building, I believe you will see people marching. The more bodies, the greater the impact. You really don't have to do much more than show up!

The goal for Wednesday is a rolling protest throughout the afternoon. This protest will have rolling start times at Noon, 2pm and 4pm. Unions are taking responsibility for getting folks there at different times. AFT Michigan is aiming to get our folks there at Noon. The Building Trades are working to get folks there at 2pm, and the MEA is taking responsibility for the 4pm time slot.

Wear RED and bring any signs you have!

The Emergency Financial Manager legislation will be law. BUT THE DANGER IS NOT just the EFM. The danger now moves on to.........FINANCES and FUNDING!!! Despite having a State Aid Fund that has enough money to finance the schools, Governor Snyder's budget is proposing huge cuts to the budget for schools. At this point an amount of $470 per student is proposed, but other costs will also cost our schools MILLIONS of dollars. This includes an increase in the schools' payment to the retirement fund from 20.66% to 24.66%. (I will send you more specific information on Walled Lake's loses tomorrow!)

Most school districts are not going to be able to sustain these cuts without falling into deficit spending!

WE NEED OUR VOICES TO BE HEARD BY THE Governor and the Legislators in Lansing!

Plan to attend the rally Wednesday afternoon!

More information will follow about other ways to share your opinions and concerns with our government officials tomorrow! CHECK BACK!!!!