Friday, March 12, 2010

Governor's Retirement Proposals hit Michigan House and Senate

The Governor’s retirement legislation has been introduced in the Michigan Senate as SB 1226 (sponsored by Sen. Mark Jansen (R) Grand Rapids) and SB 1227 (sponsored by Sen. Judd Gilbert (R) Algonac). SB 1226 is the bill to amend the State Employees Retirement System and SB 1227 is the bill to amend the Public School Employees Retirement System.

The bill to amend MPSERS per the Governor’s proposal is has been introduced into the Michigan House as HB 5953 (sponsored by Rep. Bill Rogers (R) Brighton). The bill to amend the State Employees Retirement Plan with her changes is HB 5954 (sponsored by Rep. Chuck Moss (R) Birmingham).

It is noteworthy, to say the least, that a Democratic Governor's proposals have been introduced by all Republicans.

As the Governor's plan stands now, all school employees (NOT the employer) who are working next year, EXCEPT THOSE IN "MIP PLUS", will pay 3% more to the state.

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