Thursday, April 21, 2011

House School Aid Subcommittee and Bill Rogers, Chair

House Representative Jim Ananich (D) – reported on his FACEBOOK page yesterday afternoon that the House School Aid Subcommittee voted in favor of the School Aid Fund budget with basically the drastic cuts to K-12 schools that the Governor recommended. The vote was 4 to 2 with Ellen Cogan-Lipton and Ananich voting no. BILL ROGERS is the CHAIR PERSON of the School Aid Subcommittee!!!!

What was the plan? Transferring $900 million dollars out of the K-12 State Aid Fund to the General Fund, to be used for community colleges and higher education institutions. This is being done to pay for $1.8 Billion in tax cuts for businesses!

Remember, the School Aid fund has $650 Million dollars in surplus! THERE IS NO NEED FOR CUTS TO the education of children in Michigan! This funding shortage is a manipulation of the State Legislature! What programs are being cut in Walled Lake because of this manufactured funding shortfall? How many students will you have in your classroom next year because of this “manufactured” funding shortfall?

That is why Bill Rogers needs to hear from us this FRIDAY!!!

Friday, APRIL 22nd, 2011

Bill Rogers will be at Ruggles in Milford

7:30- 9 AM

  • · Is it fair to force the children in the State of Michigan to pay for billions in cuts to businesses?
  • · Is it fair to have retirees and the poor people pay for business cuts?
  • · Is it fair for the lower income people in the state to lose their Earned Income Credit?

What then could be done??

  • · There could be a graduated income tax system instituted and it would raise the money they need.
  • · They could expand sales tax to services in the state of Michigan and raise revenue.
  • · They SHOULD leave the School Aid Fund AS IS because the citizens of Michigan voted for this method of funding so that school funding would be STABILIZED! Their wishes should be respected!