Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tentative Budget Timelines - Received from the District on February 11th

-Feb. 22-24th - Budget information Power Point being created
-Feb. 24th - Budget Power Point being presented to Ad Council
-Feb. 26th - Budget Power Point to be posted on website
-March 4th - Full Presentation will be given at Board of Education Meeting
-March 3rd through March 27th - Presentations of budget situation made at PTSA meetings
-March 3rd through March 27th - Principals will present budget situation to their staffs
-April 29th - Board of Education will vote on layoffs

At this time I am being told that the district needs to cut $20.4 Million from the budget and that amount could climb to $22 Million. I will be receiving more information as the week progresses and will share it with our members.