Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Communications with Parent Group - "Save the Electives"

Dear WLEA Members,

In an effort to keep you informed:

On Sunday I was in receipt of a letter from a parent in the Walled Lake School District who identified himself as the leader of a parent group called "Walled Lake Save the Electives". Their wishes are that the Bargaining Team of the WLEA reconsider and take a plan for instituting the 7 hour day at the high schools forward to our membership. I have received a large number of letters from other parents requesting the same action. Cyndi Austin and I met with Dr. Hamilton yesterday and then released this statement to the "Walled Lake Save the Electives" Group:

"The WLEA is the authorized bargaining agent for its members with the Walled Lake Board of Education. It could be construed as an unfair labor practice for the president to enter into discussions with anyone other than the WLEA Members or Walled Lake District representatives in regards to contract issues."

"The WLEA President and MEA UniServ Director met with Dr. Hamilton today and have agreed that the issue of the high school schedule (6 period or 7 period day) will be discussed in the context of bargaining in the coming weeks."

On Tuesday I received another letter from the leader of the group, as well as many other parents, that asked me to follow their timelines. In response I have sent this statement to the leader of the parent group:

"The WLEA has a Constitution and Bylaws that set forth rules that insure that all bargaining matters are dealt with in a fair and consistent manner. It includes times lines and requirements that must be followed for any agreed upon action or proposal to be taken forward. I ask that you respect the process that must be followed."