Thursday, December 1, 2016

Update on Legislative News and A NEW DANGER!!!

Senator David Knezek

Late this afternoon I received an email blast (it is also in his Twitter feed) from a state senator named David Knezek.  I am not quite sure how I got on his list, but probably because I read through many entries on the internet looking for information.
David Knezek is the Senator from District 5:  Dearborn Heights, Detroit, Garden City, Inkster, & Redford Township.  He is the youngest senator and he is a democrat.  I like his point of view.  If you are looking for a perspective that isn’t the regular stuff you read in the paper, I would suggest visiting his website.
This was Senator Knezek’s message late this afternoon:
The Michigan Senate has adjourned until December 6, 2016 without taking a vote to eliminate teachers' pensions.Legislation to eliminate healthcare benefits for police officers and fire fighters received a committee hearing today and may soon receive a vote in the Michigan House of Representatives.
Your phone calls and emails to legislators are working. Please don't stop. Michiganders need to mobilize, keep up the pressure, and hold our elected officials accountable.
Capitol Comments
Another good place for information is through the MEA’s Capitol Comments.   You can register to receive Capitol Comments through your email by going to  At the bottom of the page you will an icon of Capitol Comments.  Click and sign up.
News from Capitol Comments today has some good, but there is more very destructive legislation that was introduced.
The legislature did adjourn today and will not meet until next Tuesday.  They did this without voting on the SB 102 – the pension changes.  

The Newest Threat – TAKE ACTION!!!!
However, today a bill did gain traction that would DRAIN $403 MILLION dollars from the State School Aid Fund. That amounts to $273 per student.  When the State of Michigan has to pay income tax refunds to Michigan citizens, the money is taken from the General Fund.  This bill would have that money taken from the School Aid Fund instead. 

Why?  I can come up with lots of reasons why they might be doing it, but I think the result of this is even more important to consider.  For school districts that receive between $7600 to $9000 per student, that amounts to an average of 3% cut in funding.    For a district of 14,000 students, that is a cut of over $3 million dollars.  For a district of 2000 students, that is over a ½ million dollar cut in funding.  The cuts that would have to be made by school districts are unimaginable when you think about how much they have cut already.  Programming for students, class sizes, technology, class books… would that all be affected.

CLICK HERE to write your legislator and tell them NOT to rob the School State Aid Fund!  Tell them that students deserve the best education possible, and taking money from the SAF  denies them that right!