Tuesday, December 6, 2016

GOOD NEWS about SB 102 - the Pension Bill

Reported by Doug Pratt, Public Affairs, MEA

MEA Board, Leaders and Staff,

It’s official – SB 102 is off the table for lame duck!
The press release below just went out to the media, after a Senate spokesperson confirmed the news to reporters.

Things we need to reinforce with members at this time:

1) This battle has been won, but this issue is not going away…we need to continue educating lawmakers for the next legislative session starting in January about the consequences of closing the pension system for new hires. But for today, THANK YOU to the thousands of people who communicated with their lawmakers about why SB 102 needed to be stopped.

2) We need to thank the lawmakers who stood with us...we’ll be sharing information on that as soon as we can.

3) Lame duck isn’t over with! The tax refund shift legislation still may move, as well as other issues. As we said in Capitol Comments yesterday – Lame Duck Hurts Kids…and lawmakers should be encouraged to end the lame duck session without passing other legislation that could have unintended consequences for our students and schools.


Doug Pratt
MEA Director of Public Affairs