Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Short Synopsis of the Proposed Michigan Budget Cuts as Proposed by the Governor

A short summary of spending cuts proposed by Governor Snyder in his BUDGET ADDRESS at 11 a.m. today –
A total cut of $1.5 billion in cuts will be presented to the State Legislature.

A total cut of $470 per student for public schools. A savings of $425 million.
**$470 times 15,000 students (approx. population of WLCSD) = $7,050,00 Loss for WLCSD

An additional $85.6 million of cuts in categorical and district specific funding (I don’t have specifics).

Intermediate school district funding has been reduced by 5 percent

A 15 percent cut ($222 million) for higher education. To protect students, $83 million will be set aside to reward universities that keep tuition and fee increases below a five-year average.

Eliminating revenue sharing payments for cities, villages, and townships. A savings of $92.1 million.

A fund of $200 million to use as incentive payments for cities, villages, and townships that adopt “best practices” ( I don’t have specifics.)

Governor’s pay will be $1.