Thursday, February 24, 2011

LANSING RALLY - Saturday, February 26th - NOON at the Capitol Building

The MEA is JOINED the "MoveOn" RALLY on SATURDAY, February 26th, 12 NOON at the Michigan Capitol Building in Lansing!

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Moments like these don't come along often.

Newly-elected Tea Party governor Scott Walker thought he could slash the Wisconsin state budget and dismantle 50 years of workers' rights without a fight, but boy was he wrong.
Hundreds of thousands of regular Wisconsinites-teachers, firefighters, police officers, students-have taken to the streets of Madison. They've occupied the capitol building for the last 7 days and nights.

But this isn't just about Wisconsin. In state capitals across the country, and in Washington, D.C., Republicans are using the wrecked economy as an excuse to slash vital programs and hurt workers. The American Dream itself is under attack.

So we're helping lead an emergency call for rallies in every state capital this Saturday at noon to support folks in Wisconsin and oppose these attacks, wherever they occur.

From my own perspective, the walk is to support everyone's rights in a democracy to express their own opinions and join together with others with similar interests. Businesses hire lobbyists to represent their concerns. Politicians join political parties to join others to reflect their wishes and concerns. Workers, be they teachers, fireman, whomever...... should also have the right to join together to represent their wishes and concerns.

The Saturday rally is not only to support Wisconsin workers, but to let everyone know that WE will not tolerate similar assaults to our rights to organize.

For more information regarding Wisconsin, begin with my blog post below or google "Wisconsin governor" will come up!