Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday, Nov. 7th News

Most of you have heard about the cuts in the secretarial units. It is still early, but I do not have any other news at this point.

HOWEVER, the Michigan State Senate is meeting tomorrow and Thursday of this week and will be considering the bill sent to them from the State House that reinstates most of the $127 per pupil cut and 1/2 of 20j funds. (Please read the post from Friday if you have not already done so.)

Tomorrow in Lansing, PTSA's will be gathering to urge the Senate to pass this bill. WE CAN DO OUR PART!!!! Please CALL or EMAIL Senate Majority Leader Bishop and Senator Nancy Cassis (from our Region!). I would love to see 990 emails sitting on each of their desks tomorrow morning as they consider funding for schools! PLEASE DO NOT BE SHY!
The emails do not have to be long, nor do the phone messages. I will give examples below that you can cut and paste, or read aloud over the phone. PLEASE HELP!!!!

Sample email or to leave a voice message:
Dear Senator, I would like to urge you to reinstate the funding lost to the Walled Lake Schools. Essential services to all children will have to be cut with the 2 per pupil funding cuts and the loss of 20J funds. Please vote for quality education by insuring revenue sources that will allow the education children need to be successful with today's mandated requirements and in their future work lives.
Your name
Your home address
Your phone number (if you like)

Senator Michael Bishop, Senate Majority Leader

Senator Nancy Cassis - Senator for our school district