Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Michigan Legislature Leaves on VACATION until Dec. 1st

Schools are in crisis mode and the State Legislators have left for vacation until December 1st!
Contact your legislators NOW!
From the MEA:
As legislators enjoy the Thanksgiving break, schools are left in the lurch again. Lawmakers have cancelled sessions until Dec. 1, a move that means a $127 per pupil proration cut to schools will take effect beginning with the Dec. 20 state aid payment.

Schools started their fiscal year July 1 and many districts have announced that the $127 per student cut -- on top of a previous reduction this school year of $165 per student -- will force layoffs and program cuts. State funding cuts will be even more extreme for districts that receive 20j funds; Gov. Jennifer Granholm previously vetoed $54 million for these schools.

Though the $127 per pupil cut will take place in December, the Legislature could yet restore some funds for K-12 schools. Legislators will have a few days to consider and pass a supplemental budget bill for schools before the state begins processing payments in mid-December.

Please contact your legislators immediately -- ask them to take up a supplemental budget for schools as soon as they return. Tell them what IS HAPPENING IN OUR district -- and to the students you serve -- if the proration cut occurs next month.

Senator Michael Bishop, Senate Majority Leader

Senator Nancy Cassis - Senator for our school district