Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rapid Response Team

Another kind of blogging or writing that I've been doing is through the MEA's Rapid Response Team. There are a number of us on the "team", nobody knows who exactly (except Doug Pratt at the MEA), and when there are articles or editorials in the newspapers regarding education and/or the MEA, I might hear from the MEA and be asked to write a letter to the editor.

The MEA also did a "webinar" training this past summer on writing letters and blogs. That was pretty neat and the first time I've done one of those. Basically you sign on at a specific time and I also called them on the phone, and somehow we are all hooked together. So, we watched a power point on the computer as they talked. We even did questions and answer with the whole group. While it was certainly neat to not have to drive to Lansing, and I could sit at my computer barefoot, I missed seeing faces. I guess I just like to see who's talking. I have decided that I am a very visual person. I judge people's faces and moods all the time while they are talking. I like that feeling of connection with the speaker, and I do that by watching their face, their smile, etc. Not seeing the person takes something away from it for me. Now is that a good thing, or is that a disability? I do think it tells me that I would do best in a classroom and not doing a computer course. We'll see.