Sunday, February 8, 2009

My First Entry - My Beginnings with Blogging

I decided to try a that I'm running for President of the WLEA. Partly because, if elected President, I want to make this part of what I do to keep the membership informed. I find it amazing how much time I spend on line...just reading STUFF. All kinds of stuff that includes newspapers from Denver, Boulder, Detroit, Albuquerque, and even Wisconsin.

I have particularly enjoyed a blog that is written by the author, Jon Katz. He wrote books about dogs that he got after he moved to a farm in Upstate New York. Actually, he bought the farm after his first border collie, who needed to have a job, which Katz determined to be sheep herding. Boy, I wish I could acquire a state park so my dog could walk there any time he wanted. Anyway, Katz named his farm BEDLAM FARMS. The guy, in truth, infuriates me because he doesn't want to attribute too many human characteristics to animals, and me, I do it ALL the time.

The other type of blogging I've enjoyed is in response to newspaper articles. The Boulder paper, The Daily Camera, is particular fun to read. It seems those bloggers have quite the sense of humor. A lot of the other blogs, particularly the Livingston County Press and the Detroit Free Press, can be downright nasty......are they still called flamers?