Thursday, February 11, 2016

TAKE ACTION to keep Bargaining Rights for Calendar!

House Bill 5194 just passed out of the House Education committee.  This bill makes CALENDAR and SCHEDULES PROHIBITED subjects of bargaining!  If your bargaining unit nor any of your fellow union members have a voice in the creation of the calendar nor the schedule, can you imagine what might happen?   We ARE professionals.   We are on the front line every day and we know what works as we create programming and lessons for the students!  We MUST have a voice in these decisions.

Please contact your HOUSE representative and let them know that this HB 5194 should NOT be passed.

To make it simple, please COPY the message below and then go the MEA Legislative site!  Just put in your zip code and the site will let you send the message to your own House representative.

CLICK HERE for the MEA Legislative site: 

COPY AND PASTE this message into the site’s message box:

“Teachers in our public schools do much planning to create new and innovative programs for students.   We work cooperatively with our administrators to create plans, schedules, and programming for our students.   We need to be able to plan with as much flexibility as possible.   The needs from district to district, and from school to school, vary greatly, and flexibility will allow us to create programs that best meet our communities’ needs.   Making this a prohibited topic of bargaining will not serve to improve education for children.  PLEASE VOTE NO on House Bill 5194.”