Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Cuts or no cuts - who to believe?

As the November election for governor approaches, much is being said about cuts to education......with the current governor saying he has given over a billion dollars to education.  I have even heard it referred to as "new" dollars.  I am still not sure I understand that....and I will try to explain that in another post.

But what is undeniable is that in his first year in office, spending to education was cut by over $1billion dollars by which a tax break was given to corporations.   This amounted to a $470 dollar cut in per pupil funding that has never been replaced.   EACH year since that first year, the per pupil funding is $470 less than it was the year before Snyder took office.

For more information, go to Kids Not CEO's.   You can look at the funding cuts for each school district by choosing from a drop down menu.

CLICK HERE to go to the "Kids No CEO's" Website

Here's a picture of the cuts to Walled Lake: