Sunday, September 7, 2014

Check out new PRO-Union Commercial

From Capitol Comments:

MEA member Karen Koch shares the last name of the infamous Koch brothers who are using their vast wealth to "buy" the election of Republican candidates supporting their conservative agenda. But that's where the similarity ends. And that's why Karen is co-starring in in a new national advertising campaign  sponsored by the AFL-CIO. 

Karen is a business instructor at Mott Community College and she's featured in the ad with Joyce Koch, a retired New Jersey teacher. The two ladies aren't related. However, they do share opposition to the Koch brothers' unlimited spending that pushes an anti-democracy and anti-union agenda.

Karen and Joyce were chosen because they represent the middle class. In the ad, Karen says, "We're just two average women who've raised families and worked hard here all of our lives." 

This is the first in a series of ads which will run nationally, but will also be seen in the Lansing area. The Koch brothers and their political arm, Americans for Prosperity, have spent more than $4 million here in Michigan attacking Gary Peters, MEA's recommended candidate for U.S. Senate. Last month, they also put big money behind ads encouraging MEA members to opt-out of the union.