Wednesday, February 12, 2014

EAA to be voted on today! TAKE ACTION

FROM FITZ:  Below I have posted an email I received from the TriCounty Alliance this morning.  I am asking everyone to take action today by contacting their state representative regarding the EAA vote expected to be taken today.
A tremendous amount of research has been done on the EAA through Ellen Cogen Lipton who is a Democratic representative from Huntington Woods.  The EAA has been anything but successful.  Despite the shortcomings of the EAA that have been sited and proven, the Legislative Majority at the state are intent on passing the bill below (read the problems sited). 
With the amount of accountability required of public schools these days, why would our legislature allow this type of school be allowed to continue?  Call me a conspiracy theorist if you like, but I believe I am not.   This is yet another way to erase public education.  As they continue to set even more unattainable goals for school as well as severely limits funding, schools will continue to fail and will be put into the EAA.......and guess who runs the EAA?
Please take action by clicking on the "Take Action" below.  It is quick and easy with preconstructed responses.  Just fill in your information. 
EAA Expansion Happening TODAY  Take Action

Urgent Action Needed

Late yesterday afternoon, your State Representative was quietly slipped a new version of House Bill 4369, legislation to set into statute the failed EAA experiment and expand it into a statewide district.

Three important things to know about this bill:

1. The EAA will be a statewide district with full chartering authority.

2. There is no meaningful alternative to the EAA for low performing schools (temporary ISD control, etc).

3. There is no 'exit strategy' for returning an EAA school back to its home district, even if its improving.

We need your help NOW. 

Please click TAKE ACTION above to send a message to your Representative and Senator urging them to strongly oppose any legislation that places the EAA experiment into law and expands it statewide.

Despite repeated pleas from parents, educators and experts in the field, the Legislature has tried to ram EAA expansion through the process during Lame Duck in 2012, December of 2013 and now AGAIN before the 2014 election season heats up.

Unfortunately for them, parents and advocates alike have not forgot that the EAA has been swaddled in controversy from its inception.  From well-documented teacher turmoil to the mass exodus of students that abandoned it last fall, we all know the EAA is not working.

Please TAKE ACTION and urge your Representative and Senator to oppose House Bill 4369 or any legislation that furthers the abilities of the failed EAA.