Tuesday, May 15, 2012

From MEA President Steve Cook -
We’ve just received word that the Senate Reforms, Restructuring and Reinventing
Committee will take up HB 4059 (prohibits public employer contracts that pay
union officials for conducting union business) 8:30 am tomorrow morning in rooms
402 and 403 in the Capitol located at 100 S. Capitol Avenue.4059 passed
the House in April 2011
PLEASE CALL YOUR SENATOR OR WRITE! (use home emails or cell phones, please!)

Click on the following link for an EASY way to email your Senator - CLICK HERE

Here is what to tell your senator!

HB 4059 Talking Points

· HB 4059 is another attack on unions. There are only 12 large school districts that allow for a full-time release president to take care of union business. And in most cases, the union reimburses the district for any costs.

· This is a local control issue. If the school district and the union determine that it’s helpful for the district to pay union officials to conduct union business, the issue can be negotiated at the
bargaining table.

· Many times, union business is school business. When problems arise, they can be resolved quickly during the day. The school district and the union benefits.

· In the long run, solving problems before they become more serious and sharing in decision making saves the district money. This is just good business practice.

· This legislation does nothing to create jobs. Michigan’s economy would be better served if lawmakers focused on creating the jobs it promised instead of further undermining the middle class.