Monday, October 17, 2011

Call or Write your legislator!

Charter School Expansion Package Moving in Legislature

More school “reforms” are on a fast track in the Michigan Legislature, this time dealing with charter schools, cyber schools, schools of choice and dual enrollment of students in High School and Community Colleges. Once again, these bills have less to do with improving student achievement and more to do with politics and paybacks.

There is no evidence that charters are any better than local neighborhood schools. There is evidence of profit taking by management companies and lax oversight of these schools. The first of these bills, removing all the caps on charter schools, has already passed the Senate and is now in the House. The remaining bills are being acted upon by the Senate. We need you to call your State Representative and Senator and ask them to vote NO on the Charter Bill Package.

Use this easy-to-use link to contact your House and Senate Representative:

Please use home email, phones, or cells!

The Message:
Please oppose the package of Charter school bills.
These bills don’t focus on high quality charters - more doesn’t mean high quality.
There is no transparency in these bills about how public money is going to be spent.
These bills are more about creating vender profits than serving students.

CALL THE GOVERNOR’S Office, too!!!!
PHONE: (517) 373-3400