Thursday, May 5, 2011

HB 4325 Passes 57-53

The Michigan House approved deep cuts for public education shortly after 8 PM tonight.

They slashed nearly $1 billion from K-12 schools statewide and 15 percent from community college and university budgets.

The House voted 57-53 for House Bill 4325. Under the plan, K-12 districts will receive hundreds less in state aid per pupil for 2011-12 to pay for huge tax breaks for business.

Some reports say that Gov. Snyder visited the House because the Republicans could not muster the votes to pass the bill........I have seen no reports about how he maneuvered the passage of this bill.

The six Republican NO votes were Reps. Hugh CRAWFORD, Kurt HEISE, Holly HUGHES, Andrea LaFONTAINE, Pat SOMERVILLE and Dale ZORN.

The House and Senate must now reconcile competing funding plans. More information to come.

Our legislative blasts, I believe, changed the vote of Representative Crawford! Thank you to everyone who wrote and called!

To read some of the responses Walled Lake staff received from their BLASTS, please read the post below!