Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"Budget Move Shortchanges Our Children"

"Budget Move Shortchanges Our Children" -
The title from today's editorial in the Livingston County Press......Livingston County tends to be pretty conservative and almost wholly Republican (except for a few of us), and THEY even get that the Legislature's and the governor's (notice I don't call her "our" governor anymore) actions were a total disservice to the children in Michigan.

I've reprinted part of the editorial below and have provided a link to the entire editorial at the bottom of today's posting.

"..........If that sounds cynical, then what else to make of the state's so-called budget solution that is crafted by transferring — swiping — $208 million from the state's K-12 education fund?
The only reason the education fund has a surplus is because some state revenue came in higher this year than projected, a rarity in light of the cuts that have been forced on K-12 education funding. Rather than give the money to schools already adjusting to budget restrictions, the state decided to hold on to the surplus to provide a cushion against further cuts as the state's downtrodden economy refuses to recover.
It wasn't a bad idea, until the state's dysfunctional government hijacked the money to help cover up the fact that it has continually failed to effectively balance the state's budget. This, despite the fact that the federal government has poured into state coffers hundreds of millions of dollars that it doesn't have.
Swiping the money from the education fund might even violate the state's constitution, although it is unlikely anyone in Lansing has the backbone to tackle that fight."

For the entire editorial click below:
The entire Livingston County Press Editorial