Friday, December 18, 2009

Regarding the Petition "We Need Your Help"

I have learned today that a petition is in existence that is called “We Need Your Help! Walled Lake K-12 Teaching positions are at Stake!”. It further states that, “We now understand that a WLEA vote will not happen in time to save electives and k-12 teaching positions unless WLEA teachers demand a k-12 vote before the first week of February…….”.

I believe it is important for everyone to know that the WLEA must always be sure that a plan is brought forward to the membership after it has been thoroughly explored and that all possible ramifications have been identified. It is to no one’s advantage to rush decisions. The essay included with the petition does not fully reflect all of these issues.

I am particularly concerned that the petition does not reflect what I have said is the process to follow required by our Constitution and Bylaws.
1) A plan can be taken to the Bargaining Committee. The Bargaining Committee can then decide whether to take the plan forward.

******At this point a Letter of Understanding would need to be agreed upon between the WLEA and the administration of the Walled Lake Schools.

2) A Letter of Understanding can then be taken to the WLEA Board of Directors, who can then decide to vote on it themselves, or send it to the General Membership for a vote.