Thursday, October 22, 2009


Late this afternoon, Gov. Granholm announced AN ADDITIONAL cut of $127 per-pupil for this year. She based this cut on a report from the Department of Treasury which shows another short fall in expected revenues. This cut is in addition to the $165 per-student reduction that Governor Granholm signed into effect on Monday. This cut is in addition to the 20j funds that the Governor cut for our district, which amounted to over $4.5 million dollars.

Current law requires that the Treasurer notify the Governor if the actual revenue collections are less than the estimated revenue on which the budget is based. In that case, the Governor is required to notify the Legislature that payments to school districts will be reduced on a per pupil basis in 30 days unless the Legislature adopts a solution to the revenue shortfall.

In an email this afternoon from one of our MEA lobbyists, Senator Mike Bishop, Republican leader of the Senate, is reported to have said that the budget that was given to Governor Granholm was balanced and that she didn't need to make the cuts. Senator Bishop goes as far as to say that there is an excess in the School Aid Fund. However, the MEA reports that Senator Bishop is basing his figures on the Revenue Estimating Conference in May of 2009. This Revenue Estimation has already proven to be higher than actual revenues collected. In addition, revenues in the state have continued to fall well below predictions since that time.

I wrote our Senator, Nancy Cassis, and heard back from her almost immediately. She told me she supports our school receiving 20j funds, but she will not support tax increases. If you've read the Oakland Press you know that the Governor is traveling around the state talking to Superintendents. She was in Livingston County today and is making phone calls to superintendents as well. She wants revenue increases.

We need to keep the pressure on to get our government to end this deadlock which will only result in the dismantling of education as we know it. Please write or call our Senators and Governor. Please remember to do it from your home email accounts and phones. Their emails and phone numbers are listed below.

Senator Michael Bishop, Senate Majority Leader

Senator Nancy Cassis - Senator for the northern part of our school district

Representative Hugh Crawford, Legislator from Novi and represents parts of Walled Lake

Governor Granholm - Follow this link:,1607,7-168-21995-65331--,00.html